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Stock picks for 2021

Amongst the thousands of unattractive stocks, it is a battle to come up with 10 stocks at a reasonable valuation. Most have no or low growth. The few growth stocks are extremely expensive.

With US money supply growing at 25%, a stock market investment must beat 25% at the moment. The money supply growth rate is likely to slow down. It was around 6% per year for decades. This requires revenue or profit growth plus dividend yield of more than 6%.

Stock markets are likely to collapse at some point, in which case examples of short ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) are S&P500 2x short (SDS) and Nasdaq100 2x short (QID).

(1) Anthem (ANTM) managed Health Care

(2) CVS Health (CVS) pharmacies.

(3) The GEO Group (GEO) REIT - Healthcare Facilities.

(4) Ingles Markets (IMKTA) food retail.

(5) Kroger (KR) food retail.

(6) Sprouts Farmers Market (SFM) grocery stores.

(7) Tyson Foods (TSN) packaged foods & meats.

(8) Unum Group (UNM) life & health insurance.

(9) US oil (USO) WTI futures contracts.

(10) Walgreen Boots Alliance (WBA) pharmacies.

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